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Safe trailers and NATM compliance

March 15, 2011

Safe trailers and NATM compliance

As long as there are vehicles on the road, accidents will likely occur. Requiring that manufacturing standards and federal safety regulations be met by vehicle manufacturers helps to avoid accidents caused by mechanical failures. The same holds true for trailers. Every time a trailer is involved in an accident, the trailer industry gets tarnished, especially if this trailer was not manufactured in accordance with federal safety regulations.

The NATM is dedicated to ensuring that all its members are manufacturing trailers in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and recommended industry practices.

What is NATM?
The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers is an association that represents the manufacturers of light and medium duty trailers which are towed behind vehicles. Founded more than 20 years ago, the NATM is dedicated to improving trailer safety and promoting awareness among its members regarding the trailer industry’s best manufacturing practices.

What is the goal of the NATM?
To provide the public with some level of assurance that trailers with the red, white and blue NATM compliance decal have been built by responsible trailer manufacturers. This voluntary participation program was started in 2002 and today has an 84% participation rate among trailer manufacturers.

How does a trailer manufacturer become NATM compliant?
By voluntarily undergoing an inspection by NATM representatives to ensure that their trailers are built in accordance with federal regulations, industry standards and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. These include such items as tires and wheels, brakes, lighting, reflectors, under ride protection and cargo securement.

As well, the NATM representatives examine the manufacturing process in order to certify that industry accepted manufacturing standards and practices including safety chains, couplers, electrical components, warning labels and consumer information are met.

What does it mean for a trailer manufacturer to be NATM compliant?
Being NATM compliant essentially means that the trailer manufacturer is committed to safety and to meeting and exceeding the federal and motor vehicle safety standards.
Only the trailer manufacturers that meet and exceed the standards defined by NATM are deemed NATM compliant.

How can I tell which trailer manufacturers are NATM compliant?
The red, white and blue NATM compliance decal confirms manufacturers who have complied with the NATM guidelines. This 3-inch decal displayed on a trailer attests that the trailer manufacturer put safety first in the production of each new trailer.

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers urges consumers to check for the NATM Compliance decal prior to purchasing a trailer. Manufacturers displaying this decal comply with established industry standards. At present, Kerr Trailers is the only trailer manufacturer in Quebec that is in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers program. At Kerr Trailers, our dedication to high quality and innovation allows us to offer you a safe, reliable and low-maintenance trailer. Visit Kerr Trailers to see our large selection of trailers; from sliding axle trailers, to cement footing trailers, to tilt bed trailers. We will even custom design the perfect trailer for you.

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