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Kerr Trailers, supplying trailer systems to Rheinmetall that will carry Canada’s new medium-range radar

July 25, 2018

Kerr Trailers, Custom trailers

In 2018, we have delivered the first 6 trailers out of an order of 10 to Rheinmetall Canada Inc. They will be used to transport the new medium-range radars for the Canadian Army. These radars are capable of detecting the source of indirect fire launched in rudimentary ways.

It all started in early 2014 when prime contractor, Rheinmetall Canada contacted us to explore the possibility of being one of their sub-contractors for the upcoming tenders for the Medium Range Radar project for the Department of National Defence Canada.

The Medium Range Radar (MRR) project consists of 10 units of which incorporate several different sub-assemblies originating from Rheinmetalls’ subcontractors. These include a levelling system, generator, main support frame, trailer system and most importantly the actual radar which is built in Israel by Elta Systems Ltd. It can quickly detect and locate sources of indirect fire, which include rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, rockets and other munitions fired without a direct sightline to the target. The system can be set up or taken down in twenty minutes.*

In the fall of 2015, we received the order from Rheinmetall to produce 10 trailer systems, requiring extensive designing and coordination with Rheinmetall and its subcontractors. Once the design was finalized and approved, the production was started. To date, 6 trailer systems have been delivered, with four remaining for delivery in the next few months.

Source* Medium Range Radar: a portable, powerful addition to the Canadian Army toolbox





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